Red Mullet with Capers, Black Olive and Tomato

Red Mullet with Capers, Black Olive and Tomato

Red Mullet with Capers, Black Olive and Tomato 

Seafood is a great part of traditional Italian cuisine, and this vibrant red mullet recipe is the epitome of authentic Italian cooking. The ingredients are simple and of superior quality, allowing each ingredient and flavour to complement the next, therefore producing a well-balanced, delicious dish. 


2 Red mullets, each weighing 350–400g 



Extra virgin olive oil 

Olive and caper powders 

20 Black olives 

1 Handful of capers 


300g of passata 

Lemon zest 

1 handful of pistachio nuts, crumbled 


Dry the olives and capers in a dehydrator overnight 

20 black olives 

1 handful of capers 

Blend the olives and capers separately to obtain two powders. Set aside. 

Clean and fillet the fish and season with salt and pepper. Place into a non-stick frying pan and fry with a little olive oil until golden-brown and crispy. 

To serve – spread a thin layer of passata onto a plate and add the caper powder, chopped lemon zest and olive powder. Place the mullet on top and sprinkle with pistachio crumb. 

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